My name is Yerzhan Nuridinov, I'm 30 years old, I'm from Kazakhstan. I am the founder of innovative start-up company #ZhasylEnergy" and the author of the innovative project smart "Solar Wind Tree" (#SmartEnergyTree). Description of my most expensive and clever tree >>> "Solar-wind tree" is a smart installation that simultaneously generates the energy of the sun and wind in an urban environment. We have developed and patented for this project a smart anti-vandal self-cleaning solar panel in the form of bee honeycombs made of impact-resistant polycarbonate and a new type of modular wind generator Savonius with air pockets. Blades of the wind generator from recycled river plastic bottle. "The solar panels of my power plant in the form of honeycombs are arranged in a new way. Their fundamental difference lies in the fact that they can self-clean from dust and mud in the summer, from snow and frost in winter without human participation. This unique technology does not require a single drop of water and no mechanical action. Wind turbines are also new. They are constructed from several modules with air pockets, which can rotate even with a weak wind flow. This is their advantage, which is actual in an urban environment with a high density of high-rise buildings. Also, with the installation in the summer, you can collect and store rainwater and water the nearby greenery growing nearby. "The essence of this project is to produce green energy sources in the city, so that ordinary people can see it with their own eyes. The work of a solar-wind power plant with a capacity of 5 kW per year can save about 145 kg of coal or 460 barrels of oil. For the weight of 25 years of life, a smart tree can save 3625 kg of coal or 11,500 barrels of oil. Our main goal is to reduce CO2 emissions in the city and thereby reduce smog. Our power plant solves such problems: frequent power outages, shortage of electric power in some regions of the world, surface contamination of solar panels. The installation, in addition to generating power, even distributes Wi-Fi for free within a radius of 150 meters, in the bench is installed USB and wireless charging for smartphones, sockets for charging electric bicycles, gyroscope or electric vehicles, for example an electric car Tesla. Smart Tree still shows time, temperature, humidity, date and advertising through the 4 LED display. We recently together with partners for $ 33 000 made a 6-meter sample in the form of a birch tree. At night, the installation illuminates the place around the tree with energy-saving LED lamps, in the absence of people, multi-colored energy-saving LED ribbons are used to decorate the city at night. In winter, the smart tree still heats the benches so that people can sit and warm the sidewalks around the tree so that people do not fall during the ice. The frame of the bench will be made from fallen leaves and sawdust. In Astana -40 degrees or in Dubai +50 degrees inside the gazebo will always be +16, inside you can sit under the tree and enjoy free Wi-Fi and charge your smartphone in any weather. We have developed for this purpose a cylindrical, quickly assembled-dismountable structure of anti-vandal polycarbonate. Another southern part of the cylindrical gazebo will be equipped with solar panels to create a shadow inside the gazebo and to generate energy. Smart Tree around the clock will be under video surveillance. Another project Smart Tree is the world's first source of renewable energy for Blockchain Technology. Near the Smart Tree there will be a Bitcoin ATM, underground will be a mining farm inside a sealed hatch with climate control even through the built-in LED display will show courses 10 of the world's most popular Cryptocurrency. At the moment it is the smartest, most multifunctional and the most perfect solar-wind installation in the world. After installing the Smart Tree, you can set 3 simultaneously world records, and thereby declare the company to the world. Communication with the Guinness World Records Administration is already there. Only stayed to install the Smart Tree. Payback period Smart Tree 3-10 years. Warranty 3 years. After installation, you can earn in 3 ways through video advertising, audio advertising and through laser inscription advertising. The price of the Smart #SolarWindTree is from $ 10,000 to $ 100,000 depending on the power and modification. The video of my project is here. 1) 2) 3) #CleanEnergy StartUp company, a world-class with a patented project. We have future interested customers, from these countries United States, China, England, France, Germany, UAE, Singapore, Russia, Canada, India, Australia and still other countries. Now I'm looking for a venture investor or business angel. My email is
SmartTree vs Coronavirus.

In connection with the latest events, we decided to add the decontaminating function of aerosol mist spraying against the Covid-19 coronavirus. Prior to this, we had a function against malaria (mosquito). Our installation is the most multifunctional (universal) installation, the most futuristic and the most fantastic installation in the field of renewable energy sources.

How it works? On top, we will have holes for spraying a disinfecting aerosol against viruses, which we can spray remotely using our @SmartEnergyTree application or automatic spraying with a motion sensor that works when a person approaches a tree.

My Patent.
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